Why Yoon Cannon

5 Important Reasons That Made the Difference for Clients Who Chose Yoon Cannon:


Most Consultant/Coaches Yoon Cannon
cancel often only have one type of business industry exerperience. accept Breadth of experience. Because Yoon founded and developed two other successful companies, plus three subsidiary companies, she understands the real lives of presidents, CEO’s and entrepreneurs. Yoon has brick and mortar business experience in non-profit, retail, food/entertainment and service. She blends best practices across a wide range of industry sectors and cultures.
cancel have very little personal experience recruiting, training and developing leaders. accept Recruitment, Training and Development. Yoon has interviewed over 15,000 job applicants, trained over 4,000 people and developed over 30 managers. Developing strong leaders is one of the keys to developing a turnkey operation and for corporate growth.
cancel may have “beginner” (under 3 yrs.) or “intermediate” (under 10 yrs.) business accept Business Owner. Yoon has over 20 years–owning and running her own companies. She offers a higher level of insight.
cancel have only had to manage a few direct reports. accept Managed large staffs. Yoon has managed her own staff of 30, 50 and 80+ people. She offers proven solutions that work in the real world — not just in theory.


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