Yoon in the Press

  • Fortune – Grow the right way

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57Reprinted from Fortune Magazine Written by Elaine Pofeldt Published on October 31, 2013 @ 10:50 AM EDT Not all small-business owners intend to stay small forever, but few take the time …[Read more…]

  • The Wall Street Journal Features Philadelphia Business Coach Yoon Cannon

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57Can you run an entire business from the palm of your hand? Some entrepreneurs are giving it a shot.

    For these early adopters, mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets don’t just help them do their work—they’re the backbone of the…[Read more…]

  • Entrepreneur-Magazine

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57As a type A personality, it was easy for me to get sucked into the ‘workaholism’ syndrome. 9/11 was a huge wake-up call that shouted the reminder to me that we never know how much time we have left here on earth …[Read more…]

  • CNN

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57Over the past 20 years Yoon has started 4 successful companies and sold 3 of them. She knows what it takes to attract a steady flow of new clients. Her first business was a marketing company which quickly grew into 6 new branch locations managing 30-80 sales reps …[Read more…]

  • JP Morgan Chase Ink magazine

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57In this time of tightening budgets, many groups at JPMorgan Chase need to do more with fewer employees and resources …[Read more…]

  • Philadelphia Business Journal

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57Many companies are trimming down on payroll to weather today’s tough economic storm. But, staffing decision affect both budget and revenues …[Read more…]

  • Inc Magazine – Driving Profitability with a Dashboard

    Inc LogoInc Magazine – Driving Profitability with a Dashboard … [Read more…]

  • Inc Magazine

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57There are several good reasons why every small and medium-sized business needs to build and maintain an effective customer pipeline …[Read more…]

  • Intuit magazine

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57Taxes are tricky this year due to the so-called “fiscal cliff.” Typically, it makes sense to maximize year-end expenditures and defer year-end revenues to minimize/defer your immediate tax burden. …[Read more…]

  • American Express Magazine

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57I spoke with a number of LinkedIn experts and professional copywriters to get their takes on how to master the LinkedIn summary. Time and time again, I heard 10 key tips for getting it right. How many are you abiding by? …[Read more…]

  • Training Magazine

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57Rob Bellmar sprinted for home, glancing over his shoulder to check for the throw. That’s when he stepped on the bat in the base path and blew out his right quadriceps leg muscle.He learned something, though …[Read more…]

  • Chamber of Commerce Magazine

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57According to Bucks County.org, most Bucks County area businesses are small (less than 3 people). And while the economy is starting to gain traction, business owners are looking with cautious optimism toward the future. …[Read more…]

  • Business New Daily

    Fortune-Magazine-Logo-300x57Whether it’s a single person dedicated to working with your business or a service that provides assistance on an as-needed basis, a virtual assistant (VA) can free you from administrative tasks and let you focus on what you do best. …[Read more…]

  • AARP – Life ReImagined

    AARP – Life ReImaginedAs a business coach, Yoon Cannon relies on word-of-mouth referrals to grow her venture. But she faces a tricky challenge: The nature of her service makes it awkward for clients to tell their connections about her. …[Read more…]

  • Lowes for Pros

    AARP – Life ReImaginedA brand is a major differentiator among small business owners in the same industry—it’s a way consumers and even competitors identify a business. But creating a solid brand strategy is no easy feat. In part one of a three part series …[Read more…]

  • Specialty Fabrics Review

    AARP – Life ReImaginedWhat’s the first thing a couple does when they get engaged? These days, they probably go on Facebook and tell all their friends. And, of course, this newly engaged couple will probably need a tent for their reception. …[Read more…]