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Many successful people have engaged business consulting and business coaching to help accelerate fast business growth. I specifically help:





Entrepreneurial Companies
→ Executives, Managers
→ Leaders
→ Small Business Owners
→ Presidents of Mid Market Companies
→ Coaches, Consultants, CPA's
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3 Biggest Business Growth Challenges
I Can Help You Solve:



#1. Attract More Clients!

#2. Improve Your Time Management

#3. Develop Success Habits




What RESULTS Can You Expect
from Business Consulting & Business Coaching?


IMAGINE how it could be …



#1. Marketing & Business Development

#2. Time Management

#3. Your Success Habits




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5 Steps to Make Your Small Business Stand Out from the Competition to Attract More Clients

by Yoon Cannon


What is your strategy to win new clients? Do you have one? We all know that the best prospects to focus on are the people who are already looking to hire someone like you. But, all too often when I search on the Internet for various professionals – whether I’m searching for a photographer, an…  

Does Your Business Have Bad Breath?

by Yoon Cannon


The Bad-Breath Syndrome Does Your Business Have Bad Breath? When it comes to having bad breath no one knows they have it unless someone else tells them. Bad breath can happen in your business. And, it’s hard to know you have it unless someone else tells you. Bad breathe — bad word of mouth advertising…  

LinkedIn Marketing Tips – Is Your LinkedIn Photo Costing You Clients?

by Yoon Cannon


LinkedIn Marketing Tips If you want to attract a steady flow of new clients to your business or you're putting yourself out there for a better career opportunity, you need to be leveraging LinkedIn for business. While it is easy to learn how to attract new clients on LinkedIn, it’s also easy to quickly detract…  

Double Your Business Coaching Call Jan. 22

by Yoon Cannon


Are you ready to make 2015 the breakthrough year in your business? I’d like to help you take your business to the next level this year.   Be sure to join me next week for a unique open forum style Q & A call on Thursday, January 22nd 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm…  

Achieve Breakthrough Success in 2015!

by Yoon Cannon


Do you want 2015 to be a breakthrough year in your business? Of course, right? Who doesn’t? Achieving great success in your business does not have to be complicated. Here are 3 simple tips you can follow to set yourself up to having your best year ever. #1. Get locked into the right goals.  Many…  

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