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3 Biggest Business Growth Challenges
I Can Help You Solve:


#1. Attract More Clients!

#2. Improve Your Time Management

#3. Develop Success Habits



What RESULTS Can You Expect
from Business Consulting & Business Coaching?


IMAGINE how it could be …


#1. Marketing & Business Development

#2. Time Management

#3. Your Success Habits



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The #1 Missed Step in Creating Truly Irresistible Offers

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Yoon Cannon

First, the benefits of creating irresistible offers: As entrepreneurs and small business owners we all want to increase sales. But, getting the sale is not just getting one big YES. Rather, it’s about setting up a system that generates a series of yes’s. It’s important that you are able to give your prospects an opportunity…  

Why we drove 2 hours just to go out to dinner

Posted on by Yoon Cannon

There are 5 birthdays in my family in the month of July – mine included! I was asked which restaurant I’d like to go to celebrate my birthday. I was craving not just good food, but really good Korean food! The one restaurant in the Philadelphia area that met that requirement was over an hour’s…  

What Entrepreneurs Need to know About Reputation Marketing

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Yoon Cannon


Guest Author: Bruce Williamson, Wild Goose Media Do you remember back to when you first started your business? You did it because you loved it and people probably said you’re really good at that. You most likely relied on your early customers, friends, and family to help spread the word about how great you really…  

Boost Your Profits! 7 Key Places Small Business Owners Need to Measure to Boost Profits – (Part 2)

Posted on July 8, 2014 by Yoon Cannon

And now for Part 2: #1. Measure your closing ratio and average order. Boost your closing ratio and you will boost your profits. Closing ratio should be measured in relation to the number of people who came in the door to sample your product or service or in relation to the number of estimates you…  

Boost Your Profits! 7 Key Places Small Business Owners Need to Measure to Boost Profits – (Part 1)

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Yoon Cannon

small biz profits

Simple Steps to Boost Your Profits! Is your business growing every year?  Not just in sales revenue, but more importantly is your business ahead right now than you were this time last year in net profits? Whether your goal is to increase your total net profits by $10,000 or by $10 million, you need to…  

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